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  1. Mejind
    A term that refers to a song, coming from the A-side and B-side of a record. The B-side would be the second and less important side, and therefore usually the less popular and worse song. Now, it refers to songs that are either less played or not as good, regardless of recording medium. That song is B-side.
  2. Duzragore
    May 21,  · Dedicated Side B could have easily functioned as a stand-alone record, with a fresh batch of exuberant, lovestruck choruses to get lodged in .
  3. Taujora
    The “Call me Maybe” songstress' new album, “Dedicated Side B,” serves as her follow-up to “Dedicated,” which was released last year. LATE COUNTRY SINGER CADY .
  4. Dougami
    Dedicated Side B is a collection of twelve outstanding pop songs with nary a weak link, and not only is it better than the album from which these songs were cast off, but it’s quite possibly the best Carly Rae Jespen release, period. It’s surprising, but it really shouldn’t be. These are the sort of 80s-washed, electronic summer pop songs /5.
  5. Akik
    Aug 26,  · Side B is the follow-up to last year's Emotions, and it meets/exceeds expectations from that album. Infused with the same 80's nostalgia, with fresh, fun pop music jams, Emotions: Side B is the best collection of "side B" music I've heard in a very long time/5(54).
  6. Kijora
    May 22,  · ‘Side B’ is from the same lush world as her fourth album ‘Dedicated’, all rose-tinted nostalgia and big emotional choruses, but it’s not a simple rehash. The excitement is never diluted.4/5(1).
  7. Jucage
    May 25,  · The little wink that is “Solo” represents what Dedicated: Side B is as a whole. Perhaps the B-sides are not all as special as what Jepsen chose for her official album, but she saved them and.
  8. Junos
    este año, , me replantee muchas cosas de mi vida, mucho de lo que hacía eran cosas malas. muchas cosas que evitaba eran cosas buenas. Dejar a mis amistades me abrió mil puertas en la distancia que es vivir en otra provincia, la posibilidad de vivir solo y trabajar de lo que quiero.

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