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  1. Zolojin
    Jun 28,  · The Denver Airport Conspiracy Theories. Conspiracy theorists have considered the Denver International Airport (DIA) to be the home of alien lizard people and a stronghold for the New World Order. Denver International Airport is the world's second largest in terms of land area. Editorial credit: Bob Pool / tikedevwindcambigingslecreauponeli.xyzinfo
  2. Mezisar
    Over its year history, there have been countless conspiracy theories surrounding Denver International Airport. So many, in fact, that we don't have enough room to include all of them on our list. If you're interested in seeing all of the theories circulating about the airport, you can click here.
  3. Akinozragore
    Mar 01,  · The airport has embraced its unique place, even using conspiracy theory ads inside the airport in summer That embrace has continued with a very elaborate prank involving a gargoyle.
  4. Gror
    Since it’s opening in , the Denver Airport has been subject to numerous conspiracy theories connecting it to secret organizations such as the Illuminati. —————-With 33, acres in total land area and gates spread throughout, the Denver International Airport is easily the largest airport in the United States.
  5. Kajirisar
    Aug 16,  · Repeated delays and issues meant that the airport opened 16 months after the intended date. The entire project cost $ billion, meaning the Denver Airport had exceeded its budget by over $2 billion. Immediately, people began asking questions about how this money had been spent. The Denver International Airport was a project with many fathers.
  6. Shakagore
    Jul 12,  · It is the largest airport in the US by land area. DIA is the 5th busiest airport in the US and the 20th busiest airport worldwide. The airport operates in destinations in Asia, North America, Europe, and Latin America. In , the airport served 61,, travelers and contributed $ billion to the US economy.
  7. Maur
    Denver International Airport is, on the surface, just like many other major airports in the United States. It’s busy, modern, and usually filled with fliers. However, for some reason, the Rocky Mountain hub has become a major point of interest for conspiracy theorists and the subject of some bizarre urban legends.
  8. Merr
    Sure: An album of the various statues and murals. An article elaborating on some of the symbolism contained therein. Fun fact: The airport's 'demonic' horse statue, Blucifer, had actually killed the very man who created it. Blucifer hadn't even been unveiled when the bad vibes began — in , Jimenez died after a section of the 9,pound sculpture fell on him and severed an artery in his leg.
  9. Faejora
    Airport is the ninth district investigated in The Conspiracy and features Cases## The district revolves around the continual efforts to bring down Ad Astra, especially in discovering the nature of and preventing the execution of "Plan Supernova" that involves a superhuman serum.

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