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  1. Dougar
    The Afterlife. The Afterlife deals with the new life that is experienced by a spirit that has made its transformation from human form to living in its spirit home and with its spirit family group. It highlights, as best can be done for humans, the differences between the three-dimensional existence on earth and the afterlife.
  2. Yozshukinos
    All communication in the afterlife is through telepathy, and so in order to hear and receive messages from those who have passed, it does help to learn how to still the mind and stay open to any signs or synchronicities that occur. Further Reading: 8 Lessons from a Near-Death Survivor 5 Powerful Lessons from a Near Death Experience.
  3. Zurg
    The afterlife is by definition a life after death in a world that transcends this material world that we live in. There is no way to verify the existence of such a realm. Nor is there any way to say what it is like, what its nature is. Any access to the afterlife is through supernatural means and not open to everyone for rational verification.
  4. Mooguktilar
    Does death mean the end of existence or simply a continuation in a cycle of existences? And is there any way to prove it? Many scientists, of course, dismiss the afterlife as a superstitious fantasy.
  5. Nisho
    Is there really an afterlife? Mankind has always been concerned with—and developed numerous theories about—the afterlife. Something within us rebels against the idea that existence ends with the grave. Funerals and memorial services always address the afterlife, complete with euphemisms to describe what happens after life on earth is over.
  6. Mazubar
    Scientist: Quantum physics can prove there's an afterlife. Professor Robert Lanza is sure there's something beyond this mortal coil. He believes the science is there to prove it.
  7. Nezahn
    Oct 23,  · Thus, the history of the afterlife was also the history of the conflict between the body and the soul as the essence of what it is to be human; sometimes of the necessity of both, occasionally of the acknowledgement of the one to the exclusion of the other. The Last Judgment, , by Cornelis de Vos. National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen.
  8. Kezuru
    Feb 07,  · And yet there are gazillions of examples that each of us can personally experience proving the existence of an afterlife. You don't need to validate what is on the other side, just that you know it exists. For those of us not confined to the scientific method, that happens through experience.
  9. Malajar
    The in-between existence, therefore, is every bit as important as the period that is chosen. You learn to plan your existence, in other words. You also make friends and acquaintances in these rest periods whom you meet again and again - and only, perhaps, during in-between existences.

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